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are android Boxes & Fire Sticks Legal?


Don't take our word for it both the Presiding judge of a 'landmark kodi box trial' and Cameron Crowe of the Crown Prosecution Service said that streaming devices were not illegal if they were used to access free content.

We here at Pandora do not condone or support copyright infringement in any way shape or form.

The videos clearly demonstrate that each App can be used to watch non-copyrighted free to air film TV and sport.

We expressly are not providing boxes “designed, produced or adapted for the purpose of enabling or facilitating the circumvention of effective technological measures”

These boxes are legal, the apps are all from websites easily accessible by google etc... 

What about KODI?

We have made a concious decision not to include any kind of Kodi Build with these boxes / fire sticks. Each item comes with a fresh install of kodi which again is completely legal.

We believe the apps provided are better safer and more stable than any third party build cooked up in someones bedroom but include kodi as standard so you may update it yourself should you wish.

Many thanks

The Pandora andora Android Box Team